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Scott Lambert

    Hi Sally,

    Thank you for the fast response I really appreciate it. I'm going to clarify because I may not have communicated my question clearly. I”ll quote your previous response so I can answer and ask further.

    “You might benefit from postponing your Magic Sentences and Click Track around some of your feelings around why it's important to achieve a high score or other aspects that I can't know from this interaction.”

    I am using PSTEC on negative feelings before I use Magic Sentences. I don't feel I need to achieve a high score as I don't know what the Magic Sentence is so there is no way to know.

    I don't even think I need to get the Magic Sentence right otherwise I would listen to the therapist recording and get all the Magic Sentences ahead of time so I could be right. I understand that is not helpful and will not deliver the desired result.

    The key here is to concentrate on the words you are saying and that is my focus.

    I am writing down my answer I think is the Magic Sentence that is stated in reverse on a sheet of paper as per the instructions.

    This is my experience so far:

    Once I hear the 4 sentences and you play the magic sentence I have no recall of the 4 sentences that were stated. Since I have no recall I have nothing to write down and therefore I am not guessing at what the Magic Sentence is. (I have concentrated on all your words to the best of my ability)

    There are 2 parts to the work: concentrate on every word you say in the 4 sentences and guess what sentence was stated backward.

    This seems like I'm not completing the work because I have no answer for the Magic Sentence.

    My two questions:

    1. Is the process less effective if up to this point I cannot remember any of the 4 sentences that were stated to compare the Magic Sentence that was stated in reverse?

    2. Is this something PSTEC Positive can be used to install a belief that “I can remember the 4 sentences easily”?

    Maybe none of my questions are a problem and in that case I will just carry on.

    Thank you Sally,