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    Scott Lambert
    PSTEC User

      I am listening to the procrastination program and I find my mind almost goes blank after hearing the last sentence and especially once Sally says “ok here is the magic sentence”.

      Do you think this is just a practice thing that will improve after I spend more time with the program? The first time I used it I felt some changes.

      I suspect the subconscious is still picking up what is intended and I am very focused on remembering the sentences and have a positive expectation.


      Sally Baker
      PSTEC User

        Hello Scott I must have worked with tens and tens of clients now in face to face sessions using Magic Sentences not even taking into account the hundreds of people who have downloaded the Magic Sentences as MP3's or via the OS app I co-developed several years ago now.

        I have found some people remember very well and accurately work out which sentence is said in reverse while other clients cannot recall a single Magic Sentence, not one.

        One's actual accuracy score is not the measure of success with Magic Sentences and if I may suggest your focus on getting accurate results misses the point.

        To obtain maximum benefits from Magic Sentences it is vital to really, really try hard to listen to the sound of my voice and try as hard as you can to remember and then work out which sentence is said in reverse. The emphasis is on 'trying' and it is that mental effort of trying that allows the power of magic sentences to go deep into your subconscious mind and make the changes you want.

        On writing the sentences down – in the OS App version called PSTEC Magic Sentences available for free in the Apple App store with Magic Sentences on Anxiety gifted to you – this version does ask for the participant to type their attempt at recalling the sentence said in reverse and Tim thought the mechanical act of typing was beneficial to the process. So you could attempt to write out what you recall when you hear the sentence said in reverse if you want to but I think any other preparation isn't that helpful to the process.

        Finally, Magic Sentences are best used when you have used other appropriate PSTEC Click tracks to do the clearance work so perhaps you are working with issues that require more resolving or release before attempting MS. You might benefit from postponing your Magic Sentences and Click Track around some of your feelings around why it's important to achieve a high score or other aspects that I can't know from this interaction. Best of luck with your work/play Sally

        Scott Lambert
        PSTEC User

          Hi Sally,

          Thank you for the fast response I really appreciate it. I'm going to clarify because I may not have communicated my question clearly. I”ll quote your previous response so I can answer and ask further.

          “You might benefit from postponing your Magic Sentences and Click Track around some of your feelings around why it's important to achieve a high score or other aspects that I can't know from this interaction.”

          I am using PSTEC on negative feelings before I use Magic Sentences. I don't feel I need to achieve a high score as I don't know what the Magic Sentence is so there is no way to know.

          I don't even think I need to get the Magic Sentence right otherwise I would listen to the therapist recording and get all the Magic Sentences ahead of time so I could be right. I understand that is not helpful and will not deliver the desired result.

          The key here is to concentrate on the words you are saying and that is my focus.

          I am writing down my answer I think is the Magic Sentence that is stated in reverse on a sheet of paper as per the instructions.

          This is my experience so far:

          Once I hear the 4 sentences and you play the magic sentence I have no recall of the 4 sentences that were stated. Since I have no recall I have nothing to write down and therefore I am not guessing at what the Magic Sentence is. (I have concentrated on all your words to the best of my ability)

          There are 2 parts to the work: concentrate on every word you say in the 4 sentences and guess what sentence was stated backward.

          This seems like I'm not completing the work because I have no answer for the Magic Sentence.

          My two questions:

          1. Is the process less effective if up to this point I cannot remember any of the 4 sentences that were stated to compare the Magic Sentence that was stated in reverse?

          2. Is this something PSTEC Positive can be used to install a belief that “I can remember the 4 sentences easily”?

          Maybe none of my questions are a problem and in that case I will just carry on.

          Thank you Sally,


          Sally Baker
          PSTEC User

            Hi again Scott, there's a thing I say before one of the sets of four sentences that I'll quote here. 'By the way if you can't work out which sentence was said in reverse then you can choose the sentence that most resonates for you'. With that in mind it doesn't matter if you can't recall the sentences at all and you could in theory, working on that principal make up your own responses that work for you

            Scott Lambert
            PSTEC User

              Thank you Sally for that explanation. One time it seemed to just happen that I made up my own sentence but I didn't repeat that process because I wanted to follow the instructions as closely as possible.

              I feel a lot more relaxed with the process now and can focus 100% on your words and not be as concerned with the process as much.


              Sally Baker
              PSTEC User

                Sounds as though you're going great! With this relaxed way of thinking I'm sure you'll achieve the results you want to achieve with Magic Sentences. Something has shifted for sure.

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