Reply To: Profound Change – Not Good Enough

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Scott

    Great to hear your experience with PSTEC.

    For all those reading this who are still thinking about using PSTEC but have not yet. Tim has created PSTEC to be simple to use (if not always easy). Like himself these are straight forward no “fluff” or “froth”. Every word you listen to is important and every instruction there to make things work for you. So all you have to do is listen and do as instructed. While experienced users can take short cuts and get creative with using the tools, for beginners it is best to just go through the process as directed.

    Scott not sure if this applies to you. Perfectionism is an outwardly sociably acceptable form of low self esteem/worth. Perfection since it is unobtainable it is a self fulfilling prophesy that feeds the “I'm not good enough” even though it might seem to be a good thing always striving to be better. Doing your best is good but accepting that is a good as it is going to get for now, gives you some feeling of achievement without the failure of not being better still.