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Paul McCabe
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    Hi plus1g,

    Great to hear from you. There are a couple of different perspectives that could be taken, in respect of the question you asked.

    Getting straight to the point, the sort of beliefs that tend to create a resistance to change are “Change is difficult”,”Change takes a long time”, “If I change too profoundly, I'll lose those closest to me” and “change is scary.”

    Certainty is what Tony Robbins holds in his model of the “6 Human Needs.” To some extent, I'd contend that we all need it in our lives. However, like all these values, needs and emotions, balance is crucial. A model that prides too much certainty (and how much can we REALLY be *certain* anyway?)  and we would tend to have a pattern of not taking the sort of “risks” that would benefit us.

    Around this, I would think that beliefs like “Taking risks is dangerous” and “it's better to be safe than sorry” would contribute to an emotional pattern like this. Also, situations where you changed and experienced negative consequences – ridicule, loss, rejection etc.

    See how these resonate with you. As ever, tailor them to your own circumstances and use the sort of wording that “packs the most punch” for how you feel and behave.

    Another way to get to this is to ask “what would I have to believe to fear change and hate uncertainty?”

    You could also face the fear of uncertainty by click-tracking the fear of uncertainty. Uncertainty is real, but fear is not inherent to it.

    If you haven't tried it, Tim's “Embracing Change” is another excellent resource for contextualising change:

    I hope this helps. Please keep us updated.


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