Reply To: Fear of change and uncertainty beliefs

Peter Bunyan

    Hi plus1g

    Tim would say it is about using the right tools for the right job, Fear of Change, Fear of Uncertainty are fears and are therefore feelings, emotions. This makes the tools to use the Click Tracks. Whatever the root cause of these they are fears of anticipated future events. Because they are non-specific, generalized fears then magnifying them by thinking about the worst that could happen to you, you are then giving the Click Track a better target feeling to remove. The future is almost as real to your subconscious as the past, if it wasn't you would not have anything to fear about. Fear of Flying, Fear of Exam Failure, Fear of Failure, Fear of Public Speaking all fall into this category and the Click Tracks have proven to effectively clear them all. Imagine all the things you do not want to happen to you and Click Track those. What disaster could happen to you by being uncertain??