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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Peter,

    Hope you are keeping well.

    When using PSTEC on myself, my instinct is always to start on the emotions (click-tracking). It seems to produce the quickest and most tangible effect.

    With belief work, I learned and applied a different methodology to PSTEC. That was also highly effective and dramatically shifted my perception and emotions.

    I do have PSTEC Negative (and most of the Tutorials) and know of a range of ways to resolve an emotional issue (none with quite the speed, elegance and effectiveness of PSTEC, of course).

    I have found that there are benefits to doing Tim's “root and branch” approach – eliminate the belief and the associated emotions can go away on their own. 

    Some, however, can be more strongly conditoned, in my experience. I have read different theories about this.

    Does the emotion cause the belief? Or does the belief cause the emotion? You could make a case for either of these triggers, but it might be a “chicken or egg” scenario. Could it vary by person or even issue? Just interested in what you think about this.

    From your own work with PSTEC and other modalities, when would you typically introduce PSTEC Negative and PSTEC Positive?


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