Reply To: Fear of change and uncertainty beliefs

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Wonderful thoughts and suggestions everyone… just one quick comment regarding PSTEC Negative… 

    “What are the specific belief statements that can be removed using PSTEC negative to eliminate fear of change and fear of uncertainty?”

    The specific beliefs are those that you hold personally.
    Do not look for “scripts” or standard phrases to apply to PSTEC Negative (PN).
    You cannot remove a negative belief you do not hold.
    In other words, other people cannot give you standard phrases to erase with PN,
    the negative beliefs to erase must come from YOUR mind model, not others.
    Sure, they may be similar or even perfect for a few, but not the majority.
    In using PN, look for your own negative beliefs… drill down more to the core
    when you can and use PN on those.

    … and another free offering from Tim regarding the fear of change and fear of uncertainty …