Reply To: Fear of change and uncertainty beliefs

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Paul

    “Root and Branch”? To me it is eliminate the emotions first and the associated beliefs go away. We evolved from animals and truly we still are, just with fancier toys. Animals do not have as sophisticated language as us but the higher mammals certainly feel emotions as we do. This means that emotions are the primary drivers and language comes later. You cannot hold a belief without a verbal language.

    Beliefs are habits of thought. The thought/belief springs to mind and you have said it before you have even realized what the trigger was. (Which might be another belief). This suggests that they are initiated in the subconscious which is quicker than the conscious and therefore by associated feelings/emotions. Typically the belief is exactly the same word pattern each time. Words could be used to cause a belief. If someone, a parent say told you often enough that you were stupid, you might well come to believe it. But his comes with the emotional baggage of being stigmatized with the comment and feeling bad about it. The one is anchored to the other. Here we are trying to break the connection in the fastest most effective way, either way might work belief from emotion or emotion from belief.

    There is no right or wrong way to work with PSTEC tools only what works. However if you had a bowl of soup in front of you would you choose to eat it with a knife, a fork, or a spoon? Now if you pick the bowl up and scrape the soup into your mouth with a knife say, then it might be messy but still work. A spoon would clearly be the most effective solution but it is not the only way. The Click Tracks were designed by Tim to work with emotions and Negative and Positive with beliefs. PSTEC Negative in particular to shift negative beliefs that were resistant to removal by other means.

    I would introduce clients to other PSTEC Tools when they have had some success with the Click Tracks. If the client does not believe the Click Tracks work then they have no reason to trust the other tools to work. However everyone is different and it is possible to start with with a Positive “The Click Tracks will work quickly and easily for me”. Face-to-face clients will get more reassurance from a therapist in person than say this forum because they are reading the non-verbal body language. Using the Click Tracks first is the tried and tested route and it works for most people. Because I cannot be with you in person and ask you all sorts of questions I have to go with the simplest tried and tested format on this forum. However you are free and able to use the PSTEC products in any way you feel like and some experimentation (play) is not a bad thing.

    There you are “as clear as…” murky water?