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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jeff and Peter,

    Great contributions, as ever.

    I am not actually working on any personal issues myself. I use PSTEC more as a “spiritual practice”, if that makes sense. I am also fascinated by the technique, the numerous PSTEC tools and their uses.

    I think PSTEC is a tremendous breakthrough and warrants even greater acclaim than it has gotten. I have spread the word, but think the potential of PSTEC to positively affect millions of people is tantalising.

    We are somewhat limited by the written word. So much can be misconstrued.

    With regards to PN, Jeff, I totally agree that the words and phrases have to resonate with the end user (as it were). They have to be laser-focused to the individual.

    However, there are certain universal beliefs or “logical conclusions” you can make from patterns of behaviour.  I would say that these could get us near the “ballpark.” The wording can be tweaked, but the essence is key – in my experience, anyway. There are indivdual differences between all of us, but certain “patterns” hold true.

    If this degree of commonality did not exist, effectively produced Hypnosis tracks (a subjective point, I know) and even PSTEC would not impact as many people as they do. They would all have to be produced in a bespoke way.

    I hope that point makes sense. In short, most of us are different but have some similarities. That is just my belief, of course. I know there always exceptions to rules and “outliers.”

    The best way I've found to check whether you have a belief is to say the words out loud. There will be a certain resonance if the belief is there – even if you reason that you couldn't possibly hold such a belief.

    Thanks for your explanation, Peter. I just wanted to know how you would approach using the available PSTEC tools. I do appreciate that it can be very much like “how long is a piece of string?!”, as each case will be different.


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