Reply To: Fear of change and uncertainty beliefs

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Paul

    I do not believe it is safe to draw a logical conclusion from a behavior. Since behaviors are driven by subconscious emotions where there is no logic I do not think it possible to find a logical answer. Understandable in terms of Mind Mechanics may be, but to me, leave out the logic. We like to think we are rational but underneath we are still animals.

    Yes there are commonalities, we are all driven by the primal needs of survival, finding food and water, shelter and that procreation thing. Mainly we all have the same mind mechanics as we have two legs and arms. Except of course not everyone is born with them and some minds come into the world deformed as well. Furthermore we all have a common evolutionary story. We behave more like apes than we do say cats. We were ape like only a few million years ago where as the last common ancestor we have with cats is probably in the 10s of millions. Roughly speaking our minds and bodies are the same thing, if we have similar bodies we will have similar minds and behaviors. What ever caused it is unknown, but there is only one species of human still around.

    Yes I confess I view all human activities through an evolutionary filter. To me it provides explanations that make them mostly understandable.