Reply To: Approach Anxiety

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Math

    First if you have not already done so download the FREE Basic Click Tracks. Assuming You have not yet tried out any of your PSTEC products these will be a bit easier to start with than the eefs from Level 1.

    Once you have downloaded and unzipped the files listen to the instructions file first. Then listen to the first few minutes of one of the Click Tracks so that you know what they sound like and have to do.

    The Click Tracks remove unwanted feelings from memories or anticipated future events. In your case I suggest that you imagine a near future scene where you approach some girls you would just like to chat and hang out with for a while. Imagine then it all going wrong that they put you down, laugh at you you, call you names. Imagine whatever is the the worst thing that could happen for you, that would make you feel really small, embarrassed, useless, unwanted, and such like. Keep this scene in mind rate the feeling on the 0-10 scale and run the Click Track. Keep trying all the way through tapping in synch with the Clicks as instructed. It is in practice simple but not easy. PSTEC Click Tracks require your active involvement.

    There is much more but please start as I have suggested, do this a few times over and let me know how you got on with it and how the 0-10 scores before and after changed for you. Then we can move on to the next step.

    If you have anymore questions before or during this short trial please ask.