Reply To: Approach Anxiety

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Math

    Tapping is best done using both sides of the body left and right hands or feet. You do not have to tap against anything but most people I would guess tap while sitting or laying against the tops of their legs, it seems fairly natural to me. Find somewhere comfortable, quiet, distraction free and allow 20 minutes or so. You need to feel the unwanted fear, emotion or feelings while tapping. So recalling a bad experience from memory and reliving it or expecting something bad to happen in a future scene is a way to connect with those feelings. This can be fairly intense as you need to try and hang on to those feelings all the way through to the end. The upside is that I would expect you to notice a positive difference afterwards. This is why so many people love PSTEC, it can be so quick and effective.

    Also if you can use earphones or better still over-the-ear headphones.