Reply To: PSTec Positive: wording for clearing blocks


    Thanks, Peter.

    I agree, “Now I am free to enjoy __” seems a lot more positive. This was where I initially started, as I figured that my subconscious knows better than me how to become free, but then I kept hearing in the programs and reading on the forum about knowing what to clear, so I turned to statements designed to help me know what my blocks / resistance are.

    Then I read a post by Jeff saying how the subconscious needs specifics. He was responding to someone else about a similar question to the one I posed about clearing blocks.

    To me, it would make sense that my definition of “free” is understood by the subconscious, as are words like “releasing”, “blocks”, “resistance” and other generic words. But in the post “Using PP & Sleep Programming For Releasing?” Jeff seemed to indicate otherwise. He also said the subconscious will keep the status quo, so using a statement such as “I am now free to enjoy___” might be ignored as it is leaving the decision up to the sub. I don't know if this is necessarily always the case. So far the only PSTec program that has definitively worked for me is the click tracks, and I have equal success without them just by tapping my face and blinking whilst thinking about the feeling and event.