Reply To: PSTec Positive: wording for clearing blocks


    Thanks, Peter.

    Reading my last comment back, I realise my intended questions and points were not very clear in some instances. No matter, you gave me some good points.

    I only use EEFs and Accelerators for clearing, and find them preferable to just my own version, as I believe Tim's suggestions help on a deeper level. However, my own method  does clear the emotions very quickly and I once got through about a dozen incidences that had all been bothering me, involving several people (related to one overall, long-running situation) , in about one hour lying in bed before sleep. The freedom I got from that had me bouncing off the walls with happiness the next day. It was a true milestone for me. It is also really handy to have an effective method available when I cannot click. (Actually, I can't claim it's fully my own method as it evolved through using a pattern interrupt technique Mike Mandel spoke of in a video some years ago.)

    What I find with clearing is that I start off with one particular emotion related to a situation, and then as it clears, my mind will spontaneously throw me a different element of that situation, which will bring up emotions again, so then I click through that element…and then another element comes up, etc. By the time I have done a few rounds of the tracks, say three or four plays, I have addressed several elements. When I say “elements” this is more an intellectual aspect, such as “I don't know how to…”. I guess it is me telling myself beliefs about the situation, and that stimulates the emotion.

    So then when the emotion is down to 1 or less, I will usually PN it and then PP it. Clearing is easy peasy. I also thought that creating PN and PP statements was easy (after listening to all the tutorials from the various packages several times to be really super clear about how to do it), but then I read stuff Jeff has written and start to wonder if I am doing it wrong. Exactly how specific do you have to be? If my subconscious doesn't know what I mean by “releasing resistance” in a particular statement, will it know what I mean by “free”, or any number of other words. Maybe that is why it is suggested by Tim to use variations on the statement, so that at least one statement will capture the right word that works for you. Or perhaps it is more to do with the way some people respond more to literal suggestion and others to inferred suggestion, such as what Dr John Kappas studied at length… hopefully you will come up with the right statement within a selection of statements.