Reply To: PSTec Positive: wording for clearing blocks

Sally Baker

    Sounds as though you're doing great work and Peter's comments have been spot on. There's just a couple of points I'd like to add.

    When I'm working with a client with clearing blocks we'll often work with EFT first to get to the heart of the matter – using EFT to reveal aspects and emotions that might not have been fully obvious at the outset. We might also list or better still mind map all the aspects on paper and take the time to score them intuitively in emotional intensity. This then helps to decide the sequence of click track work/play. Focus on click tracking on the aspects with the greatest emotional intensity and instead of chasing different aspects you may find that the others are simply resolved when Clearing the  aspects with the highest intensity.

    And a quick point on semantics and the subconscious. I substitute I know with I acknowledge or I realise removing the possibility of confusion between no and know.

    Hope this has been helpful. Sally