Reply To: PSTec Positive: wording for clearing blocks


    Hi Peter,

    This is a bit off topic from this discussion, but I am referencing one of my previous posts from this thread, so decided to continue on.

    Essentially, I have just realised that suggestions do not work for me, but reframing does. Here is an example:

    I have previously used my own method (see one of my above posts) of pattern interrupting, eg, anxiety around a particular issue, with lasting results. My own method took 10-15 minutes. It does not use suggestions, just a physical pattern interrupt. I have also used the click tracks with success on most, but not all other issues I have applied it to. The click tracks make extensive use of physical pattern interrupts.

    With recent anxiety over a different issue, I decided instead to get onto forums and read about other people's experiences about the issue I was dealing with. I found the exact topic on reddit, read multiple accounts of how other people dealt with it, and voila! My anxiety dropped away completely! All I needed was a REFRAME, a new perspective on my problem….and there was none of this psychological herxheimer reaction (which I have come to the conclusion only happens because you believe it will happen). My belief changed due to a new understanding, a new perspective, a reframe, whatever you want to call it.

    A few weeks later I decided to get the No More Anxiety track for a family member. I figured it would be interesting to see how it would go on my small embers of general anxiety, and within a few days all hint of anxiety was finally resolved….once again using Tim's wonderful reframes. I was very impressed with the lengths he went to on that one!

    Anyway, my point is that all the other PSTec tools I have used where they have been suggestion based have not worked….and, yes, I follow the instructions and tutorials to the letter. I also have listened to all of the instructions and tutorials several times each.

    So I decided to do a little research tonight about why some people are not hypnotisable (ie, suggestions do not work on them). I found an interesting study by Stanford University that sheds some light. I'm sure their findings are only the beginnings of what's going on, as I have one of the traits of the hypnotisable (I can go into high focus at times for extended periods), but also have most of the traits of those who are not hypnotisable, eg, in the second article below, Dr Spiegal, who conducted the study, implies that people with competing cognitive demands are less hypnotisable.

    Here are the results of their study:

    This article puts it in layman's terms:

    So, it seems apparent to me that suggestions do not work too well on me, and reframes work well.

    Is the new Beliefs Blaster primarily suggestions-based like PSTEC Negative and Positive, or primarily reframes-based like No More Anxiety?