Reply To: PSTec Positive: wording for clearing blocks

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Boobinsko

    There are many interesting topics raised in your post the discussion of which is probably outside the reference of this Forum, thank you though for your feedback.

    The main point for me is that you have pesisted and experimented, done some research and found a way through that works for you. We could discuss and debate for hours and hours about the how and why's, but as long as you have found ways to improve your life then we are happy and proud for you. If PSTEC has played a part in this, then even better.

    I believe Bill Gates named the Windows operating system from the idea of looking into a room through windows in different walls. This enabled a better picture of the inside of the room. (Replace room with data or information). Looking at an issue from a different but linked point of view or views (reframing) enables better understanding.

    Re Belief Busters. As I am so new to it myself I will refrain from comment until I have used it more for myself. But maybe someone else will answer.