Reply To: Physically Recreating Negative Emotions/Feelings – Click Tracks

Peter Bunyan

    Hi plus1

    Rather than just trying to recreate the emotion/feeling try to just re-live the strongest memory, re-live the incident/event that has the emotion/feeling atttached.

    Creating an imagined future event that if real would create the same emotions and CT that scene. Building on that creating a “worst case scenario” is a way of ramping up the emotional intensity.

    The reason I ask this is because the instructions say to “focus on the unwanted feeling” and here in the forum the same words are used but it is my understanding that what is really expected is to recreate the physical negative emotion/feeling as hard as you can and hold it while taping.

    Your understanding sounds good to me!

    The complex emotions and feelings are hopefully taken care of by using your imagination with memories or scenes. If however you cannot recreate any feeling from these then I would start asking, why that should be so?

    Low self esteem/confidence and its many different aspects might be the result of accumulated minor events that one-at-a-time would not have much effect, but the effects can be “built on” and grow with repetition. In this case the feelings can be vague and without any strong individual memories. Here I would suggest using Click Tracks 2015 “wrapping” a number of memories together in order to give the CT something to work on.

    PSTEC Accelerators have a way of helping you recall incidents you may have forgotton about or unable to recall for some reason.

    In the case of Panic Attacks the default answer is to CT minor associated memories first in order to eventually get to the real cause, which if recalled produces enough panic to make CT impossible. (The nibbling away around the edges approach) The obvious “real cause” may not be the problem but something else associated with it.

    I'm not sure I have answered your question fully plus1 but hopefully you can take away something from this. There are of course the other PSTEC packages to bring in and support/strengthen the Click Tracks but your questions was about CTs
    Keep on asking?