Reply To: About feeling emotions/ not feeling emotions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi wander

    Your post screams “low self esteem/self worth” However there are many causes and many ways of it showing up. I would expect from what you have written, to find that you had a difficult childhood in at least some way. You probably have a long list of things you could Click Track, but Click Tracking is where you should start. You clearly can be emotional and know that it is emotions and fears that hold you back and the Click Tracks are the tools that are designed to work to clear those. Furthermore you have already had some success with the Click Tracks so you know that they work for you and they can work their “magic” again.

    If you feel OK with it I would like to ask you about when you were young. You indicated some concerns about your bodyshape, do your insecurity feelings make you over eat/ eat the wrong things? Was this an issue as a child or did this happen later? Were your parents also on low incomes? Clearly here I am fishing for information that will give some clues on where to suggest Click Tracking but I do feel that it would help solve your issues by working on past memories first. If you feel that this is too personal to write here then we can also “talk” on this forums Personal Messaging system.