Reply To: About feeling emotions/ not feeling emotions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi wander

    My first suggestion then is to Click Track the strongest of those early memories of your step father. Recall if you can a time when he was shouting at you and being aggressive towards you and Click Track that. Keep a record of the before and after 0-10 count of emotional intensity.

    Although this could be hard for you, from what you have said so far those early years have had quite an impact on you, that is affecting your life even now. Lack of money is an issue for you, but this fear of men and angry people, made you fail interviews, so it is relevant to your current concerns.

    There are many more suggestions to follow but this seems to me to be a good starting point. You did not list “Wealth of Abundance” on your list of packages that you have available. So download it for FREE from my site  here. This track from Tim is a hypnotic track that is about gratitide, both for the things you have and do not have yet. It is an important part of rebuilding your self esteem/self worth/ confidence. You can use this inbetween Click Track sessions. I suggest if you can listening every day for the first week than once a week for the next few weeks.

    Keep us updated with your progress and please ask as many questions as you like.
    Rather than give you along list of things to do, just try this one step at a time and when you have made some difference then we can go for another step, OK?

    One last thing, try the eefs from level one rather than the FREE Basic Click Tracks.