Reply To: About feeling emotions/ not feeling emotions



    An update  :)

    I tried it on “angry people” and had no way of knowing if it helped since I didn't had a number before and after and didn't feel different.

    But I had a dream that night wich I understood was an answer to my question.

    And in the afternoon yesterday I was going to a pizza place to eat with my children and going from the car park to the pizza place I saw a bunch of teenagers sitting on a stair and a grown man stood and yelled at them. I don't know what it was about since talked a language I didn't understand, but I really understood his anger.

    Usually I would have crossed the street after feeling a thud in my stomach because of the yelling, but this time I just observed he was angry, walked by them and said to my daughter: “Oops, he was really, really angry” (Since we heard him yell a long time after we had past them.)

    So. I got to test it. It worked!  :D

    And some other issue came up last night. I have a friend I have been afraid of. She is kind of “sharp” in the way she say things. And this was about a party and that I had no money to pay for half the bill… and so I really dredded saying to her that I can't go to that party, because I can't afford it.

    I rated it to be at least 9 on the scale and started EEF1 again. I could follow it better this time. And when I was finished with it, I rated it to be 3-4.

    The fear came back today, but I told her no and felt good about it after. So it worked for that too. And I will run the CT again tonight to get it down to a 0. I am sick and tired of being afraid of people being irritated or mad – both at me and in general.