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Brian Tucker

    The introduction to the clicks for the right and left hands is very short and brief compared to the free click tracks and with Tim talking over them I was feeling like… “wait! what does that right and left hand click sound like again…?”. I have listened now to the intros to the clicks for all of 2015 tracks, and it sounds like the clicks for the right and left hand are the same for all 6 tracks. Is this correct?

    I used my mp3 player to loop the introductory part of the track to get a longer listen to each of the clicks for the right and left hand. This helped. Then when I started to actually use one of the tracks I found Tim's voice is quite loud and it seemed hard to hear which clicks were playing in the background. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible to turn down the voice volume and turn up the click volume?

    I am sure I'll get this figured out with practice. I just wanted to post here to see if anyone else has experienced this and has any suggestions.

    Thank you

    The 2015 tracks are each different. Pro tip: Put a rubber band on your right tapping hand that way you cann remember which is which. During the tracks he asks you to switch hands so you will be able to still remember which hand you are on.

    As far as the volume vs tapping level – maybe try a different set of headphones, specifically over the year or play it on a speaker out loud. I have never had this problem doing it this way however, I do not use earbuds for this reason.