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Brian Tucker

    Now I see this is all just stuff and I can just prioritize and do what I can, and it really doesn't matter what does and doesn't get done. What matters is that I stay calm, relaxed, and confident, which I'm feeling much more now  :)

    I will say the 2015 Tracks are definitely more advanced than the basic free tracks, so they take much more concentration to run. I have been using the free tracks for a month now, though, so it's good to have these new tracks. Thanks again for your help

    Yes, the 2015 tracks seem to be the most powerful and the most effective, especially when you use the wrapper track to take out big patterns tied to a single emotion all at once. When you combine the 2015 tracks with the relaxing accelerators you have some serious firepower. You are using a wrecking ball vs a claw hammer.

    When you make your list of memories associated with the physical negative feeling to run the wrapper track for your session, be sure to think back as far as you can in your life to when you had that feeling. Sometimes after you run the wrapper and have an initial run with the 2015 tracks a few more memories might pop in your head. This is good and normal. Just add those to your list of what you are cycling through in your imagination on any subsequent run of the tracks for that given negative feeling. If even more come up, keep adding them in on the fly.

    After you finish your session with the 2015 tracks for a given emotion and all of its associated memories, listen to the short relaxing accelerator. Then at bedtime, listen to the long relaxing accelerator.

    As for your bigger picture “project plan” for all of the various negative thoughts and feelings you want to clear in your life, make an initial list and start working through it. As you work through the bigger list, just like the wrapper example I gave above, if something else comes up, a completely different emotion or memory, write it down and clear it next. There are reasons for this:

    1.) It is likely another belief that is somehow connected to the stronger belief you just cleared. The belief you just cleared was so strong, it was covering it up and now the new one has been revealed to you.

    2.)  Doing it next keeps you from forgetting/procrastinating about it. Your subconscious will try to protect you by putting it off. Break through that by doing it next.

    As we peel off the layers of larger negative emotions and their memories, other things will be revealed to you. This is happening because your awareness is becoming clearer as you remove these negative thoughts and feelings from your mind model of reality through use of the click tracks.

    Don't worry about getting sidetracked for new things that come up while working through your bigger list. It is a natural process, so just follow the flow and when it is gone, get back to your list. It's easy.

    You are going great, Matthew. Keep going. Very soon you will wake up and feel completely different. You will feel free and empowered!

    What also might help you is to start a thread with a diary of your journey with the tools, what you felt, what you did, what you cleared, questions for us to help, etc.

    Mine is here.