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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Melissa

    Without knowing more details…

    You have EFT'd and CT'd which I would expect to have made a difference, if that is the case you could just keep on doing more of the same. As long as the 0-10 counts keep on going down then you will get to a 0. Sometimes the hardest part is just before the “tipping point” and with a bit more persistence you will get there.

    If you feel that you are getting nowhere and helpless then this is another negative feeling to CT.

    Other PSTEC tools, PSTEC Negative, Positive and Accelerators will help but these are paid for and I do not know your financial position. However there is more FREE stuff that can help. “Wealth of Abundance” may not seem immediately useful to you, but think again. This is a hypnotic track about gratitude. Gratitude is an aspect of self esteem/self worth and this is something that you will have lost following a relationship failure. You could stop the CT work for a while and listen to this track say once a day for the first week then once week for a while thereafter.

    Since you have done some work on those feeling following the break-up and not cleared them, it may be something else that is the issue. Why did this break-up affect you so badly? Was it sudden, a shock? Did your partner leave you for someone else or some other reason? What happened to you when you were young that made the break-up so traumatic for you? Did your parents break-up?

    You do not have to answer the above here. The questions are posed for you to think about and perhaps give you a clue as to the what to CT.

    Apologies If I have more questions than answers. Be assured there is much you can do to successfully get your life back on track but without asking you more, the guidance may be stuff you have already done and a bit genralised.

    If you can Click Track the most painful memories of the break-up. If you feel any anger towards your partner, yourself or other circumstances around this issue then this anger needs CTing first.

    I will leave it there for now.