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    Thank you most of the things you asked me to think about totally fit in this situation.  It left me feeling not good enough and worthless.  I ran a bunch of the 2015 click tracks last night.  I hope I did it correctly as this method is very different from eft and other modalities.  So let's say I am working on the part that he just left and stopped calling me.  I saw him a while ago and I felt like I was in an old pattern of waiting for him to call me, kind of like really wanting for him to call but he never does and that brings up all kinds of negativity.  So I focus on the feeling of wanting him to call, then during the click track other things like little movies/memories come up so I focused on them bc it was hard to focus on the other feeling.  Maybe 5 different memories came up and then I found it difficult to know which memory to work on next, things came up about my sis and my dad and another old bf too.  So do I keep going back to that feeling of wanting him to call? or are those memories also being cleared.  I know it is working but am unsure if I am making progress.
    Also, right before he left and got married to someone else, I was the thinnest I had ever been.  The weight was just falling off of me, I was exercising regularly and eating less but it wasn't a struggle.  My sis had a nervous breakdown around the same time and my mind linked up that it is not safe for me to lose weight/be thin.  How do I work on that.  I feel like it is more of a belief than an emotion (in my mind these issues are all related bc they happened within the same few weeks).  Logically I know this is not true, however emotionally my body is keeping me fat to keep me safe.  i have the click tracks about weight loss and food but when I tried them before I didn't make very much head way.  Should I focus on the abandonment at that time when I listen to those too?
    Thank you for all of your help