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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Melissa,

    What Peter suggested will really help. One thing I wanted to add (and I hope this is ok with you, Peter):

    In the Advanced audio, which I have listened to a lot, Tim mentions “emotional pyramids” and cites a similar scenario to the one you presented here – a lady struggling to comes to terms with her relationship breaking down.

    Without going into too much detail here, what worked most effectively in the example Tim give was focusing on and then CTing the residual love/desire the lady had for her ex-partner.

    That was the starting point. It brought down the whole “House of Cards.”

    The key thing to note is that PSTEC can detach any unwanted (i.e. not inherently bad) emotion from memories/events. It could be that, if you have not resolved the original feelings, they are continuing to support the problem. I understand the break-up was very abrupt and this added to your sense of loss.

    In your particular case, Melissa, it might be worth seeing if you still feel any sense of love/desire for your ex-partner (it is possible to hold something subconsciously, even if you consciously disagree with the suggestion), CT those away systematically.

    After doing this, then you could continue working on the more conventional/obvious negative emotions – fear, regret, sadness etc.

    I do hope this helps and please keep is updated on the thread.


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