Reply To: Addiction help

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Melissa

    First that original accident which required the prescription of Tramdol. This most likely remembered for the shock, the trauma and following pain, Click Track it.

    If you can recall any other previous accident which could be quite minor when quite young, where you did not have any support afterwards, no “I'll kiss it better from your Mother” or possibly “stop crying like a baby, it's only a scratch” from your Father, stuff like that, again Click Track it.

    Unlike Soda addiction you might get more serious withdrawal symptoms. You are aware of this I am sure and possibly afraid of it. Imagine going through the hell of this in the near future and Click Track this imagined trial.

    Don't know what other PSTEC packages you might have, if you have PSTEC Negative then you could run with statements like “I won't be able to get off Tramadol” or any other negative things going through your mind. Removing negative beliefs.

    With PSTEC Positive you would be looking at statements like ” I will be able to get off Tramadol quickly and easily”. Creating new positive beliefs.

    If you have all of them you can use them one after the other in sequence CT>Negative>Positive. Takes about an hour and requires some planning ahead of statements. If nothing else use the Click Tracks as suggested above.