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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Melissa

    PSTEC Positive with that or ” I will go to sleep tonight quickly and easily”

    Any new job can be stressful to start with and you are in a stressful job. Be aware of any feeling of needing to take something to get through the day or unwind after a shift. In your case any tablet at all even herbal remedies and of course alcohol. In the ED you are likely to come across the results of substance and alcohol abuse, keep that in mind if you feel tempted.

    Click Track an imagined future scenario where things go wrong due to your inexperience, error or being exhausted, that is anything your fault. If things have gone badly on your shift even if not your fault, Click Track that as soon as you can or when you get home, so that recent events do not build up to more stress.

    Please let us know how you get on with this “Clicking” and get back to us soon.

    I found it takes 3 to 5 days to get used to a shift even with getting some sleep. Your body clock is wired for sleeping at night and being awake daytime, the circadian rhythm. However I know one agency nurse who only takes on nights, she likes it. You will adapt given time.