Reply To: Feelings and Beliefs about myself


    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the help! Fortunately, I cant recall ever being called ugly so I started to really think about why i feel so down about myself and my appearance. I realized I feel bad because of some imagined scenarios where I think it would hold me back, so thanks for pointing that out and Ill be sure to click track those scenarios.

    Another question…Ive looked in the mirror before and tried to hold that image of myself in my mind and tried clicking those negative feelings away with little no success. Am I doing something wrong? I'm guessing its not as simple as clicking away the ugly feelings when I see myself and using PP to install a positive perception of my appearance? Also, lets say I successfully release the negative feelings in the scenarios where I feel I'm being held back/not good enough because of my appearance, would that do the trick and lead me to accept and like myself and what I see?

    Again, thanks for the help Peter and great profile photo btw!!!