Reply To: Feelings and Beliefs about myself

Peter Bunyan


    Mostly when young we are not concerned much about our looks until puberty then all of a sudden it moves up the personal priority list. At this time we are particularly vulnerable to peer group pressures and sensitive to comments that affect our self confidence. So I would look at the 11-16 age range for issues concerning appearance.

    I'm not sure about the mirror thing, there are so many possible reasons for it to not work for you, but…. what thoughts werre going through your mind while Click Tracking?

    Remove the negative feelings and you should at least feel neutral when looking in the mirror. There is much more to liking yourself than your appearance. You could for example work on your posture, go to Pilates or Yoga classes, Tai Chi or other martial arts also. Good posture and self confidence work together.

    Than you for you kind comment on my profile shot.