Reply To: Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Octavious

    Do I think PSTEC can help, absolutely it can.

    Forget for a while that you have a “problem” that you suffer from a “syndrome” and focus on what it is that you really want.  I venture to suggest that this is possibly a satisfying loving relationship where sex plays a part. Whatever it is, imagine having got it and living it now. At this point what are the thoughts and feelings that tell you you cannot have it or that it will never happen. These are very often in the form of “but I cannot/haven't got…” These thoughts are generated by negative feelings/emotions very often associated with experiences early in life. These feelings/emotions are what stop you from acheiving what you want rather than you having learnt to “do it” the wrong way. It could be that the circumstance and feelings around those early sexual “experiments” are the real problem, fears of one sort or another are most likely. These negative feelings and memories are what you need to relive while running a PSTEC Click Track.

    Hopefully this makes it clearer for you to make a start with PSTEC.
    Please keep on asking questions.

    You can use the Private Messaging on this forum if you are concerned about this subject being a bit too personal and explicit for a public forum.