Reply To: Deepy rooted "I’m not good enough" belief

Peter Bunyan

    Hi jukooz

    Sounds like all your issues are really one, low self esteem/self worth. Because it is a multi faceted problem showing itself in so many ways that might appear to be seperate issues you might find PSTEC 2015 the best tool to start with. If you can recall a number of strong memories that are connected by say your Father being negative and wrap them with the wrapper track, then run a long CT, you will be connecting a lot of feelings that are at root behind the “I'm not good enough” summary. You would be looking for any memories that made you feel unimportant or small or less a person than someone else. So being criticised or bullied would do this. If you were being shown up in front of others then this would make it worse.

    “I'm not good enough” may well represent the issue but it is most likely something you worked out for yourself a lot later than the events that that caused it. For this reason it is not a good target for PSTEC Negative. If you can still hear in your head your Father being critical then the chances are he said very similar things to you many times over. If you can put together a  statement or a number of, that he used, that made you feel bad then this/these would be  good to use with Negative.

    There is much more but I will leave it there for now and see what you think about the above first.