Reply To: Deepy rooted "I’m not good enough" belief


    Hi Peter,

    I'm really grateful that you replied. Thank you. I was hoping you will as I found your posts here most helpful with my issues.

    Writing this post wan therapeutic in itself and gave me a lot clarity what I should work on.

    Yesterday I fall asleep when doing long PSTEC track as you said (father critique – wrapping it previously together). I have little problems with recalling it, so I will work on it with accelerators as well. I plan to go through most of the events I wrote about (and wrap them with similar related).

    “I'm not good enough” may well represent the issue but it is most likely something you worked out for yourself a lot later than the events that that caused it.

    You are right. And I didn't even work it out myself. I took it form Morty Lefkoe and found it very accurate.

    Thank you Peter. I'll be working on it.

    Besides working on those memories, should I do something else?