Reply To: Deepy rooted "I’m not good enough" belief

Peter Bunyan

    Hi jukooz

    What more can you do?

    Low self esteem/self worth is created by situations where you have lost control over your own feelings, your own personal life, your local environment or anywhere you have lost control. So overly protective or controlling parents for example  a change of school where you become the outsider for another. It is why people get angry when their computer crashes, or their car does not start. At one point you said “But then in realtively short period of time quite a lot changed.” Without knowing what the circumstances were that caused all the change I suspect you felt powerless or helpless to do anything about it, they just happened to you and you lost all the previous high self esteem you had. If you can recall that time and the feelings you had then it would seem like a good target to Click Track.

    Also loss of control quite often leads to frustration boiling over to unhelpful anger. What sorts of things or situations make you angry? If you can recall any recent times you have been angry, recall those and CT them.

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