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Brian Tucker

    Adding an update to this post that will greatly enhance this and speed things up for you.

    When I say the word “feeling” you have to take this in the context of these examples

    A feeling when you visit your home town or your childhood school
    A feeling you get at Christmas time
    A feeling when you run into an old friend
    A feeling that you have when you hear an old song that takes you back to an event

    In all cases, this is the type of “feeling” you want to go after. These may be covered up by physical “emotions” or what some may call physical “feelings” that we call fear, anger, frustration, sad, pain, guilt etc – but after you clear those you will get to the “feeling”.

    So for example if you think about each person you interact with – each person has a different “feeling” that you associate with them. Think about your mother, she has a feeling that your 5 senses associate with her.

    It is not the feeling they give you but rather the feeling in you that you associate with them, the event or both.

    Think about your father, same unique feeling for him. A person you do not like at work, you have a “feeling” you associate with them. Someone who caused you a lot of pain as a child. You have a feeling you associate with them. These feelings do not have a word that you can associate with them it is more of an energetic or ambient “feeling” for a lack of better term.

    In the example of your mother, father or maybe even your spouse. Although you have a general “feeling” you associate with them, you also have lots of other types of “feeling” or variations of their core feeling depending on how you interpret their moods. There is a distinct feeling you associate with them for when they are displaying anger, when they are unhappy, when they are putting you down or talking to you in any negative way etc.

    Also when you have an any event, more specifically an that is negative there will be some feeling – non JEEP – that you associate with that person and the actual event itself through your 5 senses. There also may be a feeling and/or physical emotion that you associate with it too.

    The most profound results I have had so far is to, as Tim says “focus on that feeling” and I generally focus on the feeling of the event itself and the feeling I associate with the energy of the other person. There is really no word you can use to describe these.

    So take any significant negative childhood person (e.g. parent, grandparent, girlfriend/boyfriend bully etc) and think about those specific negative emotions they displayed toward you and the feeling you associate with that negative emotion. Focus on that person doing what they did and the “feeling” and clicktrack it until it's gone.

    Do so in the following perspectives:

    a.) How do you feel about them?
    b.) How did/do you feel yourself or about yourself?
    c.) How did/do they make you feel?

    Think back to those times and clicktrack the feelings you associated with them, yourself, and anyone else involved with any given experience you choose.

    d.) There may also just be some generic ambient or energetic “feeling” associated with the event that your 5 senses has assigned to it – Be sure to clicktrack this as well.

    Basically, any “feeling” associated with that person, yourself and the actual event is what you want to clear. If you have negative physical emotions or feelings you may need to remove those as well but do your best to get to the “feeling” and the emotions will go away in general.

    I have done this with my father, grandfather, spouse and several other people and when I started it, it unlocked hundreds of “feelings” for each one in the session that I just kept tapping on until I was completely clear of all. As I did these I realized how many of these exact behaviors I have in myself that I had learned from them. As I cleared them I now no longer have these feelings, energies or behaviors. It's kind of like pulling the string on a bag of grass seed. You pull on that one little string, they all start to unravel and then all the seed just pours out. – When that seed pours out just keep clicktracking until it's all gone.

    What is important to note is that the “feeling” someone “gives you” is what you associate with them and is most always in some way associated with what you have learned through your experiences as a child. I find many times when I click on a recent feeling it either goes away or will reveal (especially with the use of accelerators) and/or turn into an experience with someone in my childhood and the feeling from that childhood experience will be as fresh as if it is happening again right now nearly 40 years later.

    Hope this helps!