Reply To: Having trouble with beliefs/behaviors

Peter Bunyan

    Hi bj

    It is good to hear that you have had some success with PSTEC so far, use that positive experience knowing that it will help with  other PSTEC packages.

    The feeling you have when thinking about the truck you would like is “lack of” this is the emotion producing the the thoughts like “But I don't have enough money/time etc”. Most likely you are constantly finding that you want something or another and you always seem to not have the required time/money or other essential thing.

    It may seem strange or wierd but one of the rules to this game is that you must not worry about how to get anything. You have to trust your own subconscious to find a way for you. Yes this is not logical, but then your subconscious does not work on or understand logic. This requires confidence which is the outward face of self esteem/self worth. Wealth of Abundance works to improve gratitude which is a component of self esteem/self worth and so improves self confidence as well. Find as many things to be grateful for as possible and feel grateful for them, keep on finding things. Imgine having the truck and how good that would make you feel and feel grateful for having it now, even though you have not got it yet. Your subconscious works on feelings and the good feelings are the carrot to make your subconscious lose the negative “lack of” feelings which block out the confidence you might have in attaining that truck.

    So what to do about it and get that truck. As ever start with Click Tracking. Imagine never getting that truck, what would happen, how would you feel? Run that scenario in your mind and Click Track it.

    Unless you can be happy/grateful for what you have, then you would not be happy for long even if you did get your truck. Soon it would not be good enough, you would want a better/bigger/faster one. So keep on with WofA.

    PSTEC Negative could be used directly on those “Buts”. With statements like “I don't have enough money for the truck I want” or any other “”but…”

    With PSTEC Positive you need to at least almost believe the statement. As you are having trouble here, yes the underlying negative emotions are too strong. Back to WofA for a moment, imagine that someone “out of the blue” gave you a new truck for some reason, (maybe they won it in a lottery but already had one) just the one you were looking for. Imagine what colour it would be, imagine the feel of the seats and the new car smell, the sound of the engine firing up and running. You would probably be gobsmacked at the astounding generosity. You would probably feel stunned and grateful to that person and circumstances that made it happen for you. That is the feeling you are looking for, if you can grab some of that, it is what you need when constructing a positive statement.

    There is much more to this subject but hopefully I have given you a new direction to look at and work towards.