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    Hi Peter,

    I have tried to recall memories of my parents shouting, fighting and angry about lack of money. The negative feelings have reduced significantly. I have also worked on negative feelings and memories about money.

    I recall all memories so that increase the feelings and then focus on memory as I release is that the best way? Another thing during releasing I shift from one memory to another as they come through my mind.

    I realize that I have negative beliefs about money so I click tracked any attached feelings. If my releasing is successful my trading will have to improve significantly.  Tomorrow I'll be trading again

    If I listen to wealth of abundance hypnosis audio do I have to listen to all of it or just the hypnotic part only as I have already listened to the first part?

    Lastly I have also worked on equating money to evil, anger, danger and shouting.  I'll continue working on this until I come out from this lack of money 'genjutsu' as Japanese say. Thank you for your help I'll do my part of releasing until my mind model changes.