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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Adamsss,

    This might seem semantic, but you mentioned “releasing” the emotion. This would be more of a meridian/energy psychology and would be utilised in the likes of EFT, The Sedona Method etc.

    PSTEC is more about getting clear on the beliefs and emotions and, using each ascribed tool, either neutralise the emotion or eliminate the belief.

    Money is linked to our survival. No matter what we think about money or those who have lots of it or hardly any of it, it is necessary to have it. The extent to which people desire it, acquire it, or dislike the notion of it will be down to their “programming.”

    You might not remember many instances of your childhood and your parents' view of money, but extrapolate backwards (if you will):

    Knowing your parents, what sort of things would they likely have said or done at the time?

    Did they have a negative view of money?

    I know that, in my childhood, I heard many instances where people with money were branded as greedy, selfish and manipulative. Those things can leave a mark on the subconscious.

    While money is necessary for modern living, a lot of people attach disproportionate significance to acquiring it. In other words, it becomes part of their identity to “have abundance”, “be successful” or “earn an excess amount.”

    To make it easier to target your beliefs (best removed with PSTEC Negative), it might prove useful to fill in these statements and reword them so they resonate with you:

    “Money is….”

    “If I don't make a lot of money, I'll…”

    “Making money is…”

    “If my trades are not profitable, I'll…”

    These are just guides, of course, but I think they would lead you to finding the beliefs. Eliminating beliefs and neutralising the emotions is a highly effective strategy.

    Please let us know how you get on with it.


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