Reply To: eliminating or reducing racism

Peter Bunyan

    Hi another

    As far as I know nobody else has tried this before, however I do not see why PSTEC cannot help you.

    Firstly thanks for presenting me with the opportunity to answer such a great question. Lets have a quick look at what racism is. Humans have evolved from ape like creatures over the last few million years. The apes even today are tribal and territorial, and live in extended family groups, we have not changed that much either.  Anyone who looks different by colour or dress, anyone who speaks or behaves differently is likely to attract xenophobic reactions in people around them. We might like to think we are “civilised” but the animal in us is still there. To behave like an animal is a derogatory comment but tribalism is still rampant; for example the recent US presidential election, (us and them/republican or democrat) and territorialism; for example the UK Brexit (Us and them/you can't come here this is our country) These elctions are meant to be the high point of democracy but demonstrate that it is seriously flawed. Instead of transcending our animal nature it perpetuates it. As a runner I love to see athletes perform at the highest level in the Olympics showing off how humans can improve all the time, the ultimate in human endeavour. However I am saddened by the TV and press trivialising this with the “our country has gained more medals than yours” attitude, the event is degraded by it. So racism is clearly very basic deep rooted part of our nature, but it does not have to remain that way. We are capable of being greater than we started, of learning and improving ourselves, and what finer goal is there in life?

    You want to change and hope that you can. Starting with that, anything is possible.
    Now what to do about it. The PSTEC Click Tracks remove any emotion from any memory or anticpated future event. You said that you make snap judgements about people, this demonstrates that it is an emotional problem. You have made the judgement before you even logically worked it out. This is your subconscious controling your behaviour, using emotions it is faster than your conscious self using language. As it is an emotional problem it is possible to do something about it with the Click Tracks.

    As I have no idea what you know or how much you have used the Click Tracks, please forgive me if you already have done this. (Something went wrong here and I have retyped this next part.) First download the FREE Basic Click Tracks.t and listen to the instructions file first, then the first few minutes of a Click Track so that you know what to do. Recall a recent incident where you have felt antipathy towards someone of different race, colour, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Keep it in mind and relive it while running a click track. Take note of the 0-10 count before and after the track. Next try to remember the incident that had the most memorable impact on you and click track that. Now invent a potential future incident that has all the things in it that would make it as bad as possible for you, and click track this invented scene.

    There is much more, but see how you get on with this first and then write back and let us know how you got on. I realise that I have skipped through this very quickly so if you have any questions, please ask.