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Paul McCabe
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    Hi another,

    I am very confident that PSTEC would work for this.

    I 100% agree with what Peter wrote about the tribalism that is becoming ever more pervasive in many of our societies and is perpetuated by Politicians, the media etc.

    In Tim's original description of PSTEC, one of its uses was to “remove unwanted religious programming.”  The feelings you have are your “unwanted programming” and may come from negative experiences, people relaying negative experiences or early childhood experiences. Perhaps your friends or family expressed dislike/distrust of certain ethnic groups when you were at an impressionable age.

    I have used PSTEC to resolve unwanted feelings about certain people. This was more of an individual basis. For instance, if I felt uncomfortable or resentful around a certain person, I would use the PSTEC tools to remove the unwanted feelings and replace them with a neutral or positive feeling. You might as well feel good about people, right?

    It has been tremendously effective in that regard.

    Recognising that you have snap judgements shows great insight and, to my mind, courage. It would seem that a lot of people would assume their snap judgements are “right.”

    To make this a bit more practical, a protocol I used was:

    1) Think of the person or “group of people” (e.g. “authority types” – in your case, people of a certain race).

    2) Get clear on what feelings come up. Is it fear, discomfort, dislike? Get clear on what has to happen for said feelings to come up. Label the emotions and write each one down.

    3) Label each emotion on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the strongest). Writing this down tends to be very helpful.

    4) Imagine the sort of events or scenarios which cause your feelings while running the Click Tracks

    5) Click Track each emotion down to 0

    This is the basic protocol and is, in my experience, very effective. This can be sped up by varying the tracks, using the PSTEC Accelerator etc.

    Another way to access and resolve this is by removing the unwanted beliefs via PSTEC Negative and then using PSTEC Positive to add new suggestions.

    I do not know which tools you have available, however, so do not want to bombard you with too much information just now.

    I hope this helps and please let us know how you get on.



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