Reply To: eliminating or reducing racism


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    That's very interesting regarding the elimination of unwanted religious beliefs.  Fortunately that's not a problem for me.

    I should point out that I'm not a rabid racist, probably just an average one, but that I just wish for lower racist responses.  I feel that negatively prejudging people is unfair and also reduces my opportunities to connect with people that I might otherwise like.

    In terms of PSTEC tools, I have a few of them and can can get whatever I need for this.

    Somewhat relatedly, I used PSTEC successfully to reduce the fear/anger trigger that I have to our new president-elect.  (Yes I'm from the US.)  I have no intention of liking him but I really don't want to go around getting triggered for four or eight years over something I have no control of.  People I know were stuck in that kind of reactivity against Bush eight years ago and some people I don't know had that reaction to Obama.  Thanks PSTEC.