Reply To: eliminating or reducing racism

Peter Bunyan

    Hi another

    I am so pleased that you appreciate that there is more to PSTEC than being just a “therapy” good for fixing all those issues and for people that “need help”. You can see that PSTEC can also be used to help us rise above our more primitive natures and become better humans. If more people become better humans then the population as a whole gets better and it becomes possible to have some hope for the human race, that it might look after the small planet we live on. It is part of the reason I write here on this forum, grandiose though it might sound but I am sure that Tim and Jeff and others share similar hopes. It part of what keeps us plugging away, playing our tiny parts in the great scheme of things.

    Regarding the racism thing. This is an emotional issue so the Click Tracks would be the best tools  to start with. If you have them move on to the Enhanced Click Tracks or try CT 2015 after the Basic Click Tracks.

    Do you have any sayings about the other races that perhaps were in more common use when you were younger and that you can still recall? When you experience a rascist response would such sayings come into your mind? If this is the case then PSTEC Negative might also useful to you.