Reply To: Stop Smoking Package – My Experience & Results

Peter Bunyan

    Hi plus1

    As I gave up smoking many years ago I have not actually tried the package personally. However, what little experince I have had using the therapist version for clients tells me that the problem is “how much” the client wants to give up. They might feel that it is the right thing to do and every one else tells them it would be a good thing to do. While this is admirable it does not help the smoker “give up”.

    My suggestion although perhaps not applicable in your case is to use PSTEC Negative as well as other packages. Using a statement along the lines of “I believe I cannot give up smoking” and the counters ” many others have” “smoking will kill me” and more.

    The above suggestion particularly for those who have tried multiple times to give up and failed.

    For you I would suggest running the hypno track say once a week for at least a few weeks, particularly as we are coming up to the time of year with more social activities taking place and temptation more frequent.