Reply To: Positive Statements – Triggers

Peter Bunyan


    No problem, just my poor attempt at humor. Your question was valid and required some response.

    Mostly the advice I give on positive statements (from Secrets) is about softening down the statement from an absolute and stepping up again through a progressive series of statements. My own twist on this is to give them a beleivability test similar to the 0-10 count before and after the Click Tracks. You start with a soft statement you can believe rather than one which you would like to believe, and when you say it to yourself you immediatly doubt that it will happen. The time target element (also from Secrets) is a bit more difficult without talking about another difficult concept “non-attachment to outcome”. No matter how well crafted your statement is, if you desperately want it to happen, then it might not. If your time target misses and you get disappointed and give up thinking PSTEC does not work then the real problem is in emotions and not Click Tracking enough, or on the right things.
    When you have been Click Tracking for a while and got some more JEEP back into your life then you are more likely to be ready for the Positives. For others reading this; to understand how to construct more effective statements please consider purchasing Positive Secrets. (How was that? Not too pushy?)  ;D