Reply To: Positive Statements – Triggers

Tomas Zobal

    I really like the progression of statements method. As you and Tim point out, if there is an inner resistance or a huge gap between the current belief and our positive statement, it's less likely for our subconscious mind to accept it. 

    Trigger vs non attachment. I instinctively felt some inner resistance about including a time frame. It felt like I'd be locking myself into a set, predetermined time window… and as you say, what if it doesn't work out? Also, if there is a sense of desperation, it works against us.

    Starting the positive statement with “From now on…” feels good. And it is a trigger, if I understand it correctly.

    To me, at this point, it feels better to include a trigger that is connected with the beginning, as opposed to with the end result.

    And for the record, you never came across as pushy.