Reply To: Purchased a house, now making me feel terrible anxiety / stress.


    Hello Peter Bunyan, thanks for your response. My immediate 'thoughts' in response to your question are these. I have never enjoyed watching horror movies and in fact avoid them. I read a lot of books when young which had very positive influences on me (The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe etc etc) and do not remember being scared by them. Yes, I think I do react to loud and sudden noises. When young, I do not remember living in a house with noise.
    Last night, I listened to some of the pstec 'advice' by Tim and something really struck a thought. In the past, I lost heaps of money when selling a house due to a relationship break up, I lost money due to termites destroying part of another house and I lost money due to being severely bullied and selling the house where I had been living and working. I therefore did more PSTEC click track using those thoughts and am hoping that will be helpful.
    Thanks for any advice from Going4Better.