Reply To: Purchased a house, now making me feel terrible anxiety / stress.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Going4Better

    Having cleared one question out of the way and thought of more to ask, it might be better to go for a faster solution. Rather than delving  around in the past go for the anticipated future disaster. You described this issue as an anxiety and even anticipating the noises, so these are fears for a future, something that has not yet happened. Try then if you can imagining the worst case scenario, what would you feel like if you were “forced out” of this house, yet another house move again, not so much the loss of money but what a house represents to you, security, social respect, a home, something that is yours. Whatever these house noises bring up, exagerate it. Keep that in mind while running a Click Track. Here you are trying to raise the fear level so that the Click Tracks have a clearer emotional target to remove. Can you do that?