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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Nakhan,

    I have read how to do muscle testing and I know that otger modalities put a lot of value in it. I do not use it myself and I personally do not believe that it would add any greater strength to PSTEC.

    You can read a very good post about an aspect of muscle testing here:

    To a large extent, our emotions guide us and the SUDs keep us on target.

    To see whether you hold a belief, since some may be outside conscious awareness, it can be as simple as saying the belief out loud before running the process (whether that's PSTEC Negative or another tool, modality or process)… and then saying it after the process has been run.

    If you say a belief like “I'm a bad person” and that is a belief you hold, there is a certain resonance to it. On some level, it feels true, even if you might intellectually disagree with the belief and could come up with reasons why it would not make sense to hold it. Contrast that with something like “I'm a Martian”, which will likely seem silly and emotionally neutral.

    When you have eliminated a belief, the charge behind the belief will no longer be there AT ALL.

    If it is there to some extent, there is more “work” to do  ;)

    Beliefs also feed into emotional and behavioural patterns, so you will likely notice some big perceptual and behavioural shifts when you have eliminated the appropriate beliefs.

    I hope that helps,


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