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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Adam!
    Your PSTEC Positive (PP) statements are all in the negative and focusing on what you don't want.  There are times when a “negative” statement can be helpful, such as: “I don't care what 'John' thinks about me” (when you are dealing with continued criticism from someone) … that's just one example … but in this case I would go in another direction.  Additional notes…

    WHY did I release my need for rejecting money?
    Don't ask a question with PP  … plus very confusing to the conscious mind and will be even more so to the subconscious … keep the concepts simple.

    I release my need for deprivation.
    With PSTEC Negative available, you can address negative beliefs similar to this and then craft an empowering PP statement afterward.
    So, if the negative belief is “I am comfortable being deprived ” (just a guess), you would run that with PN (after doing the counter examples per the instructions!  ;)  and then craft some PP, such as:

    When I think about wealth and abundance I feel at peace
    Opportunities and wealth come to me with ease
    When I recognized an ideal opportunity for me I take swift action on it

    Make sense?