Reply To: Gameplan to work on blushing issue

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Alexander!

    “I don't think “I wish I could go to that event but I can't because I might blush and I'll have no way out of the situation”. I just avoid it automatically.”

    These are not usually conscious actions, but actions emanating from the subconscious mind model (MM).  A MM that is basically telling you that it's not safe to speak in front of a group of people and that social situations are painful and not pleasurable.

    Keep in mind, your subconscious knows the “why,” but sometimes we don't consciously know the why.

    So, from your post, I see two more issues that you are not addressing.

    I know you said, “I have done all that” … but at the same time you are still feeling uncomfortable when encountering these two issues:

    * never try to speak in front of a group
    * I definitely avoid certain social situations

    “I have been doing that for so long that I don't even make the connection anymore. “
    Of course, that's what the sub does so well; takes the thinking away from you so that consciously you don't have to think about it any longer; you just follow the emotional reactions and thoughts of the sub and then, in the current MM, stay safe.

    Start with an imagined event:

    Imagine speaking in front of a large group… make it real as in something you would truly love to speak about or something you might do for your work or some other interest.  Imagine it… what does that feel like?  Is it unpleasant?  Rate that emotion and run the CT on that imagined event.
    As you do that, memories may come up that are related or even some that “seem” unrelated… jot those down and CT those.

    Do the same with the social situations you avoid.
    Imagine doing it… how does it feel?  Rate and CT.

    Go that direction first, but also keep in the mind the beliefs involved here and use PSTEC Negative on the negative beliefs and then PSTEC Positive to suggest empowering perspectives for yourself!